We want to help you discover new and better ways to Get Orgasmic

Most guys have sex and jerk off, but very few a comfortable talking about the details. That means you're probably missing out on the life-changing new sex toy your neighbor's been pounding away with for the past few months. 

The fact is, are hundreds of incredible sex toys and other adult products that could be helping you have the best orgasms of your life. There's a good chance you've never even heard of or seen some of these toys, but we're here to help you find them.


Let's All Get Orgasmic

We believe that sex and masturbation are part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Our goal is to help you discover harder, stronger, and faster (or slower 😉) orgasms without spending a fortune or wasting hours trying to make sense of the thousands of products available. We work directly with major suppliers and distributors to identify top rated and exciting new sex toys that you won't be able to get enough of for about 40% off of their retail value.

Not all sex toys are created equal, and not all sex shops are warm, inviting places - especially when you get outside of major cities. In our experience, this can make it hard (and not in a fun way) to sort through all the options and end up with sex toys that you actually enjoy.

As you can see below, sometimes things don't always work out how you thought they would! So let us sort out the painful and  awkward toys, and find out the do's/don'ts for maximum enjoyment.